Cheryl Powell headshotI am a North Carolina based fine artist painting in oil and pastel. I spend about half of my time painting en plein air and half in the studio painting from my own photos and my plein air studies.

My work is representational but I am not drawn to subject matter based on what it is – I am drawn to the subject based on how it is.  The defining abstract shapes, textures, colors and values are what interest me. I try to find what is special about a subject and strengthen it – point it out through the use of color, values, composition and simplification.

Painting outdoors, capturing the light on a subject at a particular moment is the most challenging and exhausting kind of painting I have ever done, but I love it! Being right there in the moment makes it possible to capture the smells, the feel of the breeze and the intensity of the light that somehow find their way into the painting.

Another love of mine is figurative painting and drawing, and I try to gain experience by working from the model as much as possible.